Every day pet owners are faced with the decision to put their animal to sleep, sign over their rights, or take their pet home untreated and in pain. All because they can not afford the urgent medical care the pet needs. Pets are family. Our mission is to help those in financial crisis take care of their pets emergent veterinary costs. 


What would you do if you couldn't afford emergent veterinary care? 

1% of pets are insured

Veterinary costs have increased by 70% since 2000

1 in 3 pets require urgent medical care every year

Over 13 billion dollars are spent by Americans each year for veterinary care

Fast Facts

To help save someones best friend click the photo below

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Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

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So far in 2019 

We paid in vet bills >>


It's that time of year! Find out how to keep your pets safe while enjoying gardening.


Urinary tract infections can easily become deadly if left untreated. 


This very serious and painful disease can be prevented by the lepto vaccine. This vaccine is often paired with the distemper vaccine.


Brachycephalic pets, otherwise known as "flat faced" are more prone to heat strokes and other issues. Learn tips here on keeping them safe. 


This common issue can become very serious if left untreated. Hot spots are painful and itchy. Some breeds are more prone than others. 


Congestive heart failure not only happens in humans, but it can in your pets as well. Find the symptoms to look for here.


Vomiting is a common complaint in the veterinary clinic. 

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