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Before applying to Sheltered Hearts, owners are required to apply for other credit sources first. Below is a list of our favorite credit sources. At the beginning of each description is an embedded link to the sites.

Please Note* We only fund to the PA central Susquehanna region. If you have any questions if your region is covered, message or email us. 

If you have tried the options listed, and want to proceed with application then click the "start" button below. 

Care Credit is an easy application process. It does not require proof of income at time of application. It is an instant approval decision process. 

Wells Fargo offers Veterinary and Pet Care Financing. The application is more extensive, you will need documentation proving income. 

Scratch Pay allows pet owners to make affordable payment plans for their veterinary bill. Apply online and choose which plan works best for you. 

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is underutilized, but a great thing to have. Plans typically start low ($35-45 a month) which is cheaper then paying out-front for a big vet bill! Here are some popular options for pet insurance:

Check out our partner Healthy Paws for a free insurance quote.