We are not taking applications until 7/2/2020

As a newer organization, our funds are very limited. We are not fully funded, and rely 100% on public donations. Our goal is to help as many animals in need as possible. If you have an animal that is in medical and financial crisis, fill out the application below. We will receive these inquiries immediately. The application must be approved by the case manager before funds are provided. We reserve the right to approve or deny requests made. By continuing care for the animal prior to approval, you run the risk of the funding being denied. This service is intended to be a one time use. We do not do bill reimbursement. We "bridge the gap" with the owners and what they can not pay.  


 Qualifications are:

  1. All other funding sources must be exhausted (Care Credit, Wells Fargo, etc.) Proof of denial needed. See the form below. The form can be submitted at the bottom of questionnaire. Screen shots and photos of the form/proof of denial are acceptable. But they must be legible.

  2. Must provide denial letter in the application. Can be a screen shot. Must be dated for that day.

  3. If you are approved for Care Credit, but not enough to cover the bill, include proof of approval amount. 

  4. Must be an emergent situation, no spay/neuter or basic veterinary care.

  5. Must provide photo ID, this can be emailed to shelteringhearts19@gmail.com or added to the application as an attachment. 

  6. Intended for one time use, applicants that are given funds will be added to database.


The form below needs to be filled out ENTIRELY, or it will be rejected.

Please Note* We only fund to the PA central Susquehanna region. If you have any questions if your region is covered, message or email us.

By submitting this application I agree to provide Sheltering Hearts with follow-up photos and testimonials after funding and treatment have been received. I also give permission for Sheltering Hearts to use any and all photos/videos of my pet and/or family in any social media, promotional, or marketing venues that it deems appropriate.  I acknowledge that Sheltering Hearts strictly provides funding for care, and is in no way responsible or liable for the outcome of the treatments provided.

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